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1000 Friends of Fresno "Music Mentoring Club" was started to provide at risk students with a reward for good to excellent grades and behavior in school. One of our goals is to provide our students with exposure to as much of the positive effects of Mentoring, Music, Art’s and Drama as possible. We strive to make possible positive events and experiences which our students would never otherwise have the opportunity to see, to learn about, to experience. Our focus is clear we want to actually show our young men and women that there’s a whole new world of infinite enjoyable events, positive activities and enlightenment opportunities that they too can partake of and in.

To begin this process we were helped by Dr. Jothany Blackwood who is Dean of Students for Music, Art, and Drama instruction at Fresno City College. She made it possible for our Music Mentoring Club to attend our first outing/event on 10-19-10. She provided tickets to a Latin Jazz Concert being put on at Fresno City College Theater. Our students were educated, amazed, thrilled and over joyed about their experience.

Our second eye opener event/outing was held on 11-13-10. We were blessed with tickets to attend the Philharmonic Orchestra to experience "TOTAL TCHAIKOVSKY", at the William Saroyan Theatre. Now just imagine 25-30 at risk students ages 18-24 at the Philharmonic Orchestra. Truly an experience myself and students never had, and an experience we will never forget. We are all changed for the best because of Mr. Donald Reinhold and Mrs. Susan Adams of the Fresno Philharmonic Rochester.

Our third eye opening event/outing took place on 11-18-10. The Risk Takers Dream Makers Awards Banquet. A group of 20 Music Mentoring Club members were invited to attend by CEO Mr. Keith Kelly. We were allowed to meet and greet many local celebrities as well as treated to a wonderful lunch and many networking opportunities. Mr. Kelly we truly thank and appreciate your willingness to help the less fortunate have a fantastic experience.

The fourth event/outing took place on the 11-19-10, at the William Saroyan Theatre. Our Music Mentoring Club Members were provided tickets for themselves, their kids and families to attend a Magical Holiday Play from 7-8pm, and a carnival with rides, face painting, games and fun activities for the kid’s from 6-7pm. Again all thanks and appreciation is given to Mr. Donald Reinhold, and Mrs. Susan Adams of the wonderful Fresno Philharmonic Orchestra. Please know that you have made a significant positive difference in the lives of our students and their families. Infinite thanks for your willingness!

Event number 5 made possible by Dr. Jothany Blackwood. We attended the "City Dance Concert" performed at Fresno City College Theater. We infinitely enjoyed modern and cultural dance compositions. The students loved it!

The six event was held at the William Saroyan Theater. The play is called "Bravo Holiday’s." This play being family oriented displayed the magic, the mystery and splendor, the beauty of the holidays. The experience helped us to engage the holiday spirit through the eyes of the young at heart. Our attendance was made possible by Mr. Don Reinhold and Susan Adams of the Fresno Philharmonic Orchestra.

Our seventh event outing we were treated and amazed by world renowned Bassist Edgar Meyer. It was simply spectacular! We sat spell bound as the gift of Mr. Meyer took us on a journey. The catharsis was well worth the experience. A unique experience like nothing we’ve ever seen.

The eighth event was made possible by Mr. Dan Pasano of Roger Rocka’s Theater. This experience touched us all. We laughed from the beginning to the end. "Wedding Singer" the play was terrific, fun, and very funny. Particularly the role of Granny.

Our Music Mentoring Club meets every Thursday from 3:15 – 4:45, at E.O.C Local Conservation Corps located 1805 E. California Ave, Fresno, Ca 93706.

We appreciate all the support we’re getting, but we need much more in our efforts to help create positive experiences for at risk young people who simply need help with beginning life as a positive and productive individual.

We would like to acknowledge and extend our special thanks and appreciation to Mr. Shawn Riggins, and Mrs. Susan Carter the Director and assistant director respectively-for allowing us to use the LCC facilities as well as giving encouragement and support to our student members. Infinite thanks for you are actually changing lives for the best. 

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