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Fresno COG fosters intergovernmental communication and coordination, undertakes comprehensive regional planning with an emphasis on transportation, provides for citizen involvement in the planning process and supplies technical services to its member governments. Fresno COG, (559) 233-4148.

The first step in riding the bus is finding the correct bus route (or routes) to reach your destination. Use the FAX System Map to determine which route is best. Remember that you can transfer from one route to another to reach your destination. Maps and times are here, including the route for the new free Midday Trolley, and Fresno and Clovis routes. Locations to purchase passes are here. Cost of passes are listed here. Fresno COG, (559) 233-4148.

Fresno Airport information is here.
Fresno COG, (559) 233-4148.

Fresno Bikeway maps are designed and created by Fresno COG staff.  Copies are available online or interested parties may call (559) 233-4148 and request for a map to be sent to them.  The Bikeways maps sent out when requested are printed on specially-designed tear-proof and water-proof paper.

Also available at this site are bikeway maps for the Cities of Clovis, Reedley, San Joaquin, Coalinga, Rural County Map, and the Bike Rack User Guide, Rules of the Road, and Safety Tips. Fresno COG, (559) 233-4148.

Fresno Trails & Fresno Parks

Find trails near Fresno California, including Fresno parks, Fresno walks and Fresno bike paths.

Fresno Sugar Pine Trail and Clovis Old Town Trail

The development of the Fresno and Clovis route exemplifies how community support can foster the birth and growth of an urban rail-trail. The path passes through Old Town Clovis, and, when completed, will connect with trails along the San Joaquin River in northern Fresno. Surface: Asphalt.

Fresno County Parkways and Trails, including those of the the San Joaquin River, Coalinga, Fresno-Clovis Rail Trail, John Muir Trail, Lost Lake Park Audubon Trail, Reedley Rail Trail, San Joaquin River Gorge (Squaw Leap), Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park Trails, Sierra Heritage Scenic Byway.

 Excerpts from

In the heart of California, the center of the richest agricultural region in the world, is a city larger than Atlanta or St. Louis, a city like anywhere else and a city like nowhere else.

This is Fresno, a city with the look of a strip mall and the soul of a country town. Fresno is a cautionary tale of planning gone wrong and development gone wild.

Add to the mix a whiff of civic corruption and you have a glimpse of a different future from the future the optimists see for California.

Fresno is the only large California city that Fodor's Guide describes as ``depressing...

The huge spurt of growth -- the bad planning decisions, the proliferation of strip malls -- did not happen entirely by accident.

A continuing federal investigation called Operation Rezone resulted this spring in 13 convictions for bribery and corruption involving planning and zoning decisions. Five of those convicted were members of the Fresno or Clovis city councils.

``The bottom line,'' Wanger said, ``is always the dollar.''

The whole story, the runaway growth, the loss of prime farmland, the bribes, the emergence of an ugly new Fresno, is a sad one.

Related Article: The local ratio of parks to residents is among the worst of all cities surveyed. -Men's Fitness Online.

From The City in Mind: Notes on the Urban Condition,
by James Howard Kunstler

Note all the design intelligence that went into this urban bike trail in Santa Monica, California. The striping delivers you to a bicycle death trap at the intersection with a three-way change in surface. Take your pick: cement, loose gravel in a ditch, or sewer grid. The time has really come to change our national motto from E Pluribus Unum to It's the Thought That Counts!

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