The organizations listed below have come together in a coalition to work for an extension of the local transportation sales tax that would provide transportation services inFresno County to benefit all Fresno County citizens and reduce air pollution in the San Joaquin Valley.

The Coalition (CLFC) supports guaranteed funding for:

  • Reliable, convenient, safe, regional public transportation
  • Paratransit for disabled and seniors
  • Farm labor transportation
  • Bicycle and pedestrian lanes and trails
  • ADA requirements
  • Sidewalks and pedestrian safety
  • Repair and maintenance of existing streets, roads and highways
  • Emphasis on improvement of existing neighborhood streetscapes
  • Incentive funding for land use design supporting public transportation
  • Rail consolidation
CLFC is insisting on a democratic process in which all transportation interests--business (large and small), development, agriculture, labor, health, social justice, and civic organizations come together to develop a tax proposal that Fresno County voters can support.

Coalition Members:

Fresno Area Citizens for an Effective Transportation System (FACETS)
Fresno Area Congregations Together (FACT)
League of Women Voters
Metro Ministry
American Lung Association of Central California
Medical Advocates for Healthy Air
ADA Advisory Council
Sierra Club-Tehipite Chapter
1000 Friends of Fresno
Coalition for Community Trails
Fresno Residents for Rail Consolidation

See latest info at:

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Tom Cotter, Solar Specialist,

The list below is a way for us to share some of the many options available for those who want to make positive choices in regards to people and planet. Education is key for people making informed decisions. We would love to hear from others about choices they have made or if you know of a better link to include.

Future or In Progress
- Converting our Jetta to run on waste veggie oil from China Town restaurant.
- Backyard: Composting yard waste and dog poop.
- Design and install solar electric system with REgrid Power.
- Start a back-yard veggie garden.
- Replace old carpet with Mohawk Carpet (made with recycled bottles).

Completed & Ongoing
- Participate in recycling 95% of waste at work.
- Every week buy a box of locally grown organic produce here.

- Vermiposting : Yes, worms eat our trash. We bought a kit here.
- Bought a TerraPass to clean up after our car.
- Buy Renewable Energy Certificate's for 100% monthly kWh usage.
- Trade-in gas mower for an electric (EPA Article). June '06 trade-in.
- Mulch mow our yard to eliminate need for fertilizer.
- Recycle electronics here.
- Give/Get stuff on Fresno/Clovis Freecycle.
- Replace light bulbs in our house with Compact Fluorescent's.
- Follow the City of Clovis watering schedule.
- Change my shoes.

Vegetarian Shoes

- Follow the City of Clovis recycle guidelines at home.
- Follow PGE's energy-saving tips.
- Reuse paper & plastic store bags (paper or plastic?).
- Buy locally or California grown food.
- Choose organics when possible, especially for this produce.
- Eat much less red meat (ABC news story).
- Follow the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Guide.
- Don't eat too much tuna.
- Drink filtered water to avoid these contaminants.

Water Contaminants in the City of Fresno (below),
or click here for the City of Clovis:


Fresno ranks 46 out of 50 for Public Transportation.

Kid Friendly Cities: Fresno Ranks 71 out of 80

The Kid-Friendly Cities report by Population Connection ranked the top 100 cities and metropolitan areas on community, health and education criteria. Factors included percentage of impoverished children, rates of violent crime and number of environmental education programs. USA Today.


Just enter your zip code to find out what pollutants are being released into the Fresno community--and who is responsible. Find out how Fresno County ranks in terms of toxic chemical releases from manufacturing facilities and about our air and water quality rankings. Sponsored by Green Media Toolshed.

Rated categories: Toxics, Air, Water, Agriculture, Environmental Justice, Health Hazards.

Making Connections

Fresno Metro Ministry is a faith-based organization that works to create a more respectful, compassionate and inclusive community that promotes social and economic justice."

For the past 12 years, Fresno Metro Ministry has gathered, organized, and updated this directory of non-profit and governmental agencies engaged in providing services and resources to the greater Fresno area. This extensive and valuable resource provides over 300 listings of agencies¡¯ contact and specific service information.

Available from Metro office as long as supplies last. $7.00 each plus postage if mailed. To order copies or place an ad in the directory, please contact Carmen Pauls Wiens at (559) 485-1416 or by email at

Livable Communities Information
from 1000 Friends of New Mexico

In early 2003, a unique partnership formed in Albuquerque to address a challenging problem: how do we more effectively design and build our community to foster an active and healthy lifestyle? early 2003, a unique partnership formed in Albuquerque to address a challenging problem: how do we more effectively design and build our community to foster an active and healthy lifestyle?Albuquerque Alliance for Active Living.

The City in Mind: Notes on the Urban Condition
by James Howard Kunstler,

parking lot

...Have any reporters noticed how we actually live here in America? With very few exceptions, our cities are hollowed out ruins. Our towns have committed ritualized suicide in thrall to the WalMart God. Most Americans live in suburban habitats that are isolating, disaggregated, and neurologically punishing, and from which every last human quality unrelated to shopping convenience...has been expunged. We live in places where virtually no activity or service can be accessed without driving a car, and the (usually solo) journey past horrifying vistas of on-ramps and off-ramps offers no chance of a social encounter along the way. Our suburban environments have by definition destroyed the transition between the urban habitat and the rural hinterlands. In other words, we can't walk out of town into the countryside anywhere. Our "homes," as we have taken to calling mere mass-produced vinyl boxes at the prompting of the realtors, exist in settings leached of meaningful public space or connection to civic amenity, with all activity focused inward to the canned entertainments piped into giant receivers...
Please see OrionOnline for the complete article. Photo by Jason Houston.

Thoughts on Livable Environments for Kids,
by James Howard Kunstler

Click on photos for full view.

Behold this brand new school in Las Vegas, Nevada: Hannibal Lecter Elementary. Is every child in this city a serial killer requiring maximum security incarceration during school hours? Golly, what happens when they let them out at three o'clock?

Hmmmm. This typologically ambiguous building in Pflugerville, Texas (just north of Austin) is the K-through-6 medium security education facility. It's encouraging to know that the inmates were slated for "early release" this year. Ask yourself: what kind of citizens would an institution like this produce? And where do they go from here? Photo by Jan Kaluza of Austin.

More Eyesore of the Month photos by James Howard Kunstler here.

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