1000 Friends of Fresno is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of all the citizens of our community. We will strive to foster and support initiatives by other civic-minded groups to achieve this goal bersama agen judi online http://indoclub88.net. We are committed to ensure that public officials and governmental agencies make decisions, especially those regarding land use and development http://pasarjudibola.com/, that work toward this goal by meeting these criteria:

they are the result of a planning and deliberative process that complies fully with the law and allows public scrutiny and participation; 

they have no deleterious effect on the public's health; 

they encourage the development and use of public transportation

they preserve the community's architectural heritage and show respect for its ethnic diversity; 

they do not contribute to urban sprawl; 

and they serve to benefit the entire community rather than to enrich a few.

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  • Air Quality: Information on current air quality conditions, and tomorrow's forecast for partiicles (PM2.5) and ozone and the American Lung Association's State of the Air for Fresno County in 2009 . Fresno received an F for High Ozone Days, an F for Particle Pollution (24-hour), and an F for Particle Pollution (Annual). Also new to the Air Quality page are online interactive games for kids, with air quality recources for teachers and parents.

Environmental Scorecard Ratings for Fresno, California

  • Water Quality: Fresno, California, is the only community in the United States to have received a grade of F from the Natural Resources Defense Council for protection of our source water, and we received grades of D for Water Quality and Compliance, and for Right-to-Know Reports. Our watersheds have been rated as among the dirtiest/worst in the nation on the Environmental Scorecard.

Sources of Toxic Releases and Hazard Waste in Fresno

Environmental Scorecard Ratings for Watersheds, Fresno, California

  • Transportation: Fresno ranks 46 out of 50 for Metro Public Transit, and 43 out of 50 for Air Quality by Sustainlane.

The Fresno County Transportation Authority is responsible for administering Measure C funds to maintain our roads and freeways. The current Agenda and Minutes for the FCTA are given on the Transportation page, as well as information about Fresno Area Express routes, cost of passes, Fresno Airport information, Fresno and Clovis bikeways and maps and Fresno County parkways and trails.

  • Livable Communities: List of positive options for everyday life, including sources for humane, vegetarian shoes and clothes, contributed by Tom Cotter (MySpace, Choix Du Jour). Also, information from 1000 Friends of New Mexico about the Albuquerque Alliance for Active Living (Take a Friend for a Walk for Your Health).

The Kid-Friendly Cities report by Population Connection ranked the top 100 cities and metropolitan areas on community, health and education criteria. Factors included percentage of impoverished children, rates of violent crime and number of environmental education programs. USA Today.

  • Downtown Fresno Coalition


To contact your Fresno City Council member about the proposed decisions a ffecting the Fulton Mall, please see the 1000 Friends of Fresno Elected Officials page, which provides addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and district maps of all City Council members. To listen live to the Fresno City Council meetings held on Tuesdays, click on the Listen Live icon.
    • FresCAMP , Fresno Coalition Against the Misuse of Pesticides: New information about their mission and meeting dates, contributed by FresCAMP member Judy Stege. FresCAMP has introduced policy changes and educated FUSD Board members and staff on the merits of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) which emphasizes awareness, prevention, and least toxic treatment.

    • Recycling: New information about Fresno's recycling program , contributed by Patti Toews of the City of Fresno Recycling Program, including places to recycle E-Waste . Lots of sources of recycling games for kids and educational resources for teachers. Also, information about the E-Waste Recycling Program at California State University, Fresno.

    • Elected Officials: Handy forms developed by the League of Conservation Voters and the Institute on Money in State Politics that allow a person to enter their zip code or their representative's name to see their voting record instantly, or to see who their contributors are, and the amounts contributed . City Council and Board of Supervisors maps are shown, and information about how to listen to the live audio of City Council and Board of Supervisors meetings.

    • The Arts in Fresno: Information about ongoing events, including Arthop and Bikehop , with interactive maps of the galleries involved. Information about theatres, performing arts, venues, art organizations and communities; film, photography, and fine art was contributed by Mary-Frances Semsem.

    • Media: Links for local newspapers, television, radio stations, Internet media sources, and major media.

  • Community Calendar: Information and links to hundreds of Valley events in the categories of general events, events in the arts, and environmental events.

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